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#AlfaPlus-Travel_applies_visit_to_EgyptMake your dream of studying in the best universities in Russia come true.AlfaPlus-Travel, in cooperation with a group of representatives of Russian universities, from March 13 to 19, 2021, will visit private schools and universities in Egypt to hold presentations and meetings with potential students and their parents. In order to help in choosing and answer questions of interest, for a comfortable selection of a suitable university for studying in Russia.For everyone interested, there will be a unique opportunity to get: Initial approval, directly from the representatives of the selected university, completely free of charge.        
Summer school of Russian language has been held. Every year people from all over come to discover the Russian culture, practice Russian with native speakers and along that know more about a multinational region.THIS YEAR WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN SUMMER SCHOOL ONLINE!Be safe, stay home and add a little bit of Russian to your life and CV! Our communicative approach will help you start SPEAKING Russian after just a two-week course.TWO COMMUNICATIVE COURSES ARE AVAILABLE: intensive speaking course A0-A2 (2 ECTS)studying Russian in communicative situations of tourism & hospitality industrytraining "How to communicate effectively with Russian tourists?"active training of your skills in chats with native speakerscertificate proving your newly acquired business skills for CVintensive speaking course A0-A2 (2 ECTS)interactive tour to Petr Tchaikovsky's birthplaceactive training of your skills in chats with native speakersvideoclub "Nutcracker ballet: national atmosphere"certificate guaranteed to prove your speaking skillsANY COURSE - 99 € totalFree bonuses included• TORFL consultation Upon completion you get a free individual consultation of a TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign language) accredited tester on skills you need to improve for the next TORFL level• Course materials to keep We will provide you with all course materials and additional resources according to your individual progress• First class for free Register now and get access to your first Russian language class to get acquainted with the School programme and your teacherDurationJuly 20, 2020 – July 31, 2020Application deadlineJuly 07, 2020Easy steps to applySend us by Email ro info@alfaplusgo.comTake a free classSign a contract and make a paymentEnjoy your classes without leaving home on July 20Add a little bit of Russian to your life and CV!*Minimum number of participants for the course launch - 5**Special offers for groups (upon request)Contact usAlfaPlus-Travel TeamLLC "AlfaPlus-Travel"RТО 021946Belgorod, Russiatel.007 4722 407247tel.007 495 0187659mob.007 999 7000006http://www.alfaplusgo.com
The sight of the unassailable beauty of Putorana Plateau, located in the north-west of the Krasnoyarsk region, is breathtaking. Here the mountains do not have peaks, and the canyons seem bottomless. The lakes are hundreds of kilometers long, and the rivers are torn from the rocks, forming the highest waterfalls in Russia.There are no typical landscapes for Russia on Putorana Plateau. The fairy-tale nature of this place pushes us to reflect on ancient creatures, originating from Slavic myths and fairy tales. If Peter Jackson saw this place in preparation for the shooting of The Lord of the Rings, New Zealand would have to try very hard to stay in the place of the favorite.Putorana Plateau is an ideal place for creative people. Its pristine atmosphere promotes a deep perception of the world, fresh air and virgin nature fill you with energy – both physical and mental.If you want to show your girlfriend that Russia is not only Moscow and St. Petersburg, go pack your bags, buy a ticket and go to Putorana Plateau.A Brief Tour to the History of Putorana PlateauIn the epic of the northern peoples, many legends connected with the Putorana Plateau have been preserved. Residents of the tundra, Nenets, Dolgana and Nganasane often called Putorana a land of eternal darkness and death, and without extreme need, very rarely came here.And only the Evencs actively developed almost the whole area of ​​the plateau. They are the keepers of the secrets of Putorana Plateau for the last centuries. And there are many secrets here.In our time, only the ruined remains of camps and rare solitary idols in the central part of Putorana remind of this development. But it’s worth closing your eyes and turning on the imagination, as before you appear images of ancient hunters, with a keen eye that scatters hardly moving shadows – either animals or demons…The plateau was once actively adopted by more ancient civilizations. This is evidenced by numerous finds, information about which sometimes becomes public. There are stone masonry, remains of colonnades, processed megalithic blocks, remains of statues, man-made caves and much more. And the pyramids, of course.The ruins of ancient buildings and other traces of ancient civilizations come across not only in valleys of the plateau. There are a lot of them on its flat tops, which stretch out over vast spaces.This is a great place for those travelers who know that a meeting with the Antiquity is the same as a trip on a time machine.Journey to the Putorana PlateauYou will find yourself in one of the most amazing places in Russia. There are no transport routes, so most of the plateau is still almost inaccessible to tourists. Taiga, wild animals and only a satellite connection with civilization – traveling here alone is almost impossible.You will go on the boat to one of the tourist bases (for example, to Bunisyak, whose owner is recognized by Nganasan and part of the Taimyr dolgan as a Russian white shaman). Together with professional huntsmen, you will each day make radial exits to the most picturesque and mysterious places.Each such sortie is breathtaking and memorable for years. Standing in full gear, in the company of local pathfinders and hunters, you will feel what the authors of fantasy recognize as the Call of Adventure.And if there is a true beauty with you, who shyly hugs your mighty body, the anticipation of an exciting adventure will increase hundredfold. Older men, younger women is all you need for a great vacation on the Putorana Plateau!On the way you will see the transition from the valley forest-tundra in the floodplain of the Norilka River to the northern taiga in the heart of Putorana Plateau. At the end, the landscape changes dramatically: Lama Lake is surrounded by inaccessible mountains 1000-1200 meters in height, cut by small canyons and cascades of waterfalls.On a motor boat, accompanied by rangers, you will go to a place where steep cliffs of 12-15 meters height vertically go to the lake to a depth of 20-25 meters. On the walls runs a lot of streams, so it seems that the rocks are crying. The largest streams form waterfalls, breaking straight into the lake. In sunny weather, there is a bright rainbow in the splashing water spray, to which you can drive up very close.You will climb to the place where shaman mysteries once occurred, and you will reach the 25-meter waterfall and a viewing platform with a panoramic view of Lake Lama.
Kazan is a city with a population of more than 1.2 million people, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, and a large port on the left bank of the Volga River located about 800 km east of Moscow.The city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Russia. From June 16 to July 6, 2018, 6 matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup will be played here. Photos by: Slava Stepanov.
More and more travelers from across the globe pack their bags and head to the world’s largest country for the winter holidays. Why might you ask? To get a piece of Russia’s one-of-a-kind overwhelming winter spirit!There’s more to do in winter Russia than just eating pierogi and going shapka-ushanka shopping, so book Russian rail tickets ahead of time and use this handy list of entertaining Russian winter activities to make your trip even more unforgettable!It’s no surprise that Moscow‘s famous Red Square is on the top of the must-do list. What you probably didn’t know is that during the holiday season this central beauty is also home to the annual open-air ice-rink. Traditionally it is available from the end of November until the end of February and you can go skating from 10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. It costs around 10 USD for 1-hour of skating, plus skates are available for rent.Swish away to the beat of retro Soviet songs and holiday melodies in the surroundings of the St. Basil’s Cathedral, the illuminated GUM department store, the beautifully decorated Christmas tree and, of course, the attributes of the Winter Market.Going Vodka TastingA great and fun way to deal with Russia’s chilly winter weather is to go Vodka tasting. No matter which city you choose for your winter getaway to Russia, many places will offer special menus or even tours to taste different types of this Russian national spirit drink.In St. Petersburg, for instance, the popular Russian Vodka Room No. 1, as well as the Vodka Museum, offer to try high-quality vodka produced in different regions of the country. Certainly, you’ll be treated to traditional Russian snacks too. Bottoms up!Traditional Troika RideA ride on the traditional Russian Troika sleigh with three horses is definitely a winter experience to remember! Enjoy the views of the Russian countryside as you dash as quick as the wind on an adorned three-horse carriage past the snowy landscape.Such an activity is available in many places across Russia, such as in Central Moscow Hippodrome, St. Petersburg’s Pavlovskiy Park or several places on the outskirts of Ekaterinburg. The duration of the ride is from 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your preferences.Those dreaming to see the world’s deepest freshwater lake, Lake Baikal, may be in for a surprise as this body of water freezes entirely during winter, making it an even more unusual place to visit. The phenomenally beautiful lake becomes covered with a meter-thick sheet of crystal clear ice and it is even possible to see through it underwater.Depending on the temperature many enthusiasts even use the lake top as a freeway and ride on it on 4×4 jeeps, snowmobiles, and cars! For a more relaxed pastime, going sledding or winter ice-fishing are other popular winter leisure option on Baikal. The best way to travel to Siberia is doubtlessly on trains, so getting Russian train tickets ahead of time is advisable.Visiting a traditional Russian banya bathhouse is both an interesting experience and a way to sit back and relax. Not only will you unwind and feel entertained, but you will surely get a better insight into Russian culture. The banya ritual goes centuries back and includes staying in a hot dry steam room with wooden benches and flapping one another with besoms made of natural birch tree branches and leaves.After the procedure, the braver ones topple over a bucket of cold water on themselves or even dive into a pool of cool water (or into a nearby pile of snow)! This isn’t obligatory, of course, but is one bit of a comical sight to watch. There are many banyas in all towns across Russia so you can surely visit one during your trip.Have a Russian Tea PartyRussian tea drinking traditions have long become a popular image of the country with the samovar kettle as the table’s centerpiece, sweets and ring-shaped cracknels. During your journey, you may take a break from sightseeing in a cafe and have some classic tea.In Moscow, for instance, try going to Cafe Pushkin or the Lucien Restaurant for a pleasant experience. If you’re traveling to Kazan, try going to the Museum of Chak-Chak where you can taste the traditional Tatar sweets and have tea from a samovar too.

Myths about Russia

As with any country, there are many myths about Russia. Bears are walking the streets and people have smoking nuclear reactors as centerpieces in their apartments. The thing about nuclear reactors is of course an exaggerations. But we can't say the same about bears. Which stories about Russian are true, and which are fale? Let's try to sort it out.

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Everything a tourist should know for an interesting and pleasant journey to Russia. Easy to download to your mobile phone/tablet or print it out.

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