The Silver Necklace of Russia

PG in medicine


Postgraduate education in Russia involves studying which takes place after obtaining bachelor’s and, in some cases, master’s degree. Deration of these courses depends on the field you intend to study. A Master's degree usually lasts from three to seven years and PhD in Russia takes additional two or three years. 

Thereafter, there are four types of postgraduate education:

  • research degrees

  • professional qualifications

  • conversion courses

  • taught courses.

A doctor of Philosophy (or simply PhD) falls under the first category. Depending on the circumstances, one is allowed to do this degree after either one of the mentioned above. It should be acknowledged that those obtaining PhD in Russia are required to do original research which contributes new knowledge to a specific area (e.g. mathematics, history, social sciences and others), as well as defend one’s project later on (not compulsory in some educational institutions). Said research can be done in the form of a project, thesis or dissertation. As for the size of the thesis and the amount of time required to complete the assignment, it varies between 40 000 to 120 000 words (50 to 450 pages) and two to three years, respectively. Should one meet all requirements, academic title “Doctor” (or “Dr”) will be given.

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