The Silver Necklace of Russia

5 steps to applying

For starting to applied education in Russian universities

  1. Search for the study program through the search engine or filter

  2. Mechanism for choosing the future educational program 

  1. through the search engine

show slides from the website and write in the engine Search Specialization Name 

or through filter 

  1. The click on filter educational level

  1. Then clicking on group programs name

  1. Choose Language study

  1. Select your city study

  1. Click on a choice of universities

  1. click on a next 

  1. Fill out the application letter according to the requirements of the portal.

  1. Registration on the website.

  1. within 1-5 working days You get the admission letter and the contract with the university.

  1. Study cost of education and accommodation fees and other costs that need to be paid.

  1. Download and study agreement  …. 

  1. Sign contract and abloud in dashboard 

  1. Paid of registration fees (online - visit the approved offices in the countries of the world).

  1. within 15-30 working days. You get the student invitation which is one of the visa procedures. 

  1. Obtain a visa. 

  1. Passport valid for 20 months 

  2. Two personal photos (measuring 4.5 - 3.5 cm)

  3. Medical analysis (infectious diseases)

  4. Fill in the embassy online application form.

  5. Student invitation

  1. Tell us  on the our website about the Trip number - And the date of travel 

  1. Clarifying point online chatting / notification 

  1. Free consultation before and after arrival in Russia

  2. Follow-up during the student's academic year (for parents) 

  1. Mechanism of obtaining the website On the information in it (universities periodically update the data added on the portal), the names of the programs - the cost of study - university hostel - medical insurance - etc ...