The Silver Necklace of Russia

Preparatory Department

You do not need to know the local language to study Russian and you can become a student in the preparatory year - there are foreigners studying at the university Russian specialties after completing the course (preparatory year), and you can also apply to any Russian university for an educational program in Russian.

Universities offer foreign students various options for learning the Russian language: they differ in orientation (preparation for a bachelor’s, master’s, specialty or postgraduate studies; for training in technical or humanitarian programs), and each university has a number of vertical hours and an educational curriculum that differs from one university to another, and the number of specializations which are taught, the timing of the beginning and end of the training, as well as the cost of the program.

Preparatory year for study in Russia

The classic version of the training in the Preparatory Department is a nine-month educational program that includes an intensive course of the Russian language and the study of several subject disciplines. In addition, various events are organized to help students get acquainted with the culture and customs of Russia, as well as adapt to life in a new country. Most universities provide training at different educational levels (for example, for bachelor's and master's degrees). The course usually starts in September and October and ends in June and July. However, many universities are willing to accept students study for preparatory year at a later date. This information must be verified.

In the first semester, VET students usually master the Russian language - 4-5 hours per day. In the second semester, the study of specialized subjects is added to it. Their list depends on the college that the applicant plans to enter in the future and the specialization he wants to obtain.

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