Кеmerovo State Medical University

Кеmerovo State Medical University is one of the best Higher Educational Institutions of  Siberia and Russia. It provides higher medical education not only for Kuzbass region but for many areas of the Russian Federation and some foreign countries.

More than 33 thousand of physicians, pharmacist, medical nurses, have been taught by the tutors of the University since 1955. Nowadays 95% of Kuzbass doctors are the graduates of the University. They head large clinics, Science Research Centres. They work in the countries of CIS and Europe. The university is especially proud of its teaching staff, which has about 400 highly qualified specialists: 17 academicians of the academies of the Russian Federation, more than 100 doctors of science, 221 candidates of science. Among the outstanding graduates of the University there are: academician of RAS, famous cardiologist L.S. Barbarash, academician of RANS A. A. Lutsik (Novokuzneysk State Institute for Advanced Medical Education), academician of RANS, Director of the Center for Health Protection of Miners V.V. Agajanyan, Professor V.M. Ivoilov, Professor V.N. Olesova, President of the Russian Association of Implantology and many others.

Our Mission is highly qualified professional training and upbringing of the highly moral personality, capable of competent responsible and creative professional medical activity in a multipolar world.



Preparatory courses:


Accommodation Fee:

500 RUB - 1000 RUB Monthly

Medical Insurance

4500 RUB - 7500 RUB Yearly

Medical Analysis:

3500 RUB - 4500 RUB Yearly

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