Moscow State Pedagogical University

Moscow State Pedagogical University is a Russian educational and scientific institution, which includes 11 institutes, 4 faculties and branches (with the addition in 2015 of the Moscow State University named after M. A. Sholokhov, the number of branches increased to 9). The abbreviated name is Moscow State Pedagogical University, the full official name is Moscow State Pedagogical University. By presidential decree of February 2, 2009, the university is included in the State Code of Especially Valuable Objects of Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of the Russian Federation.


Preparatory courses:

250000 RUB per year

Accommodation Fee:

2500 RUB - 3500 RUB Monthly

Medical Insurance

6000 RUB - 9000 RUB Yearly

Medical Analysis:

4500 RUB - 7000 RUB Yearly

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