Penza State University

The education now has become so important as never before. It is not enough now to be a specialist in one field but to acquire specific knowledge in various fields, keep up with the modern pace of technology, learn marketable skills and develop professional and academic expertise. The university in Penza has reached a sufficient level of maturity and thus can offer a remarkable range of fields of study, encompassing state-of-the-art technologies and classic disciplines. The blend of two major educational institutions (technological and teacher training) has given the university its distinct flavour, that of a union of art and science. Located in the peaceful area, the university attrats people of all religions and nationalities. The Penza region has been renowned for its racial tolerance, since ancient times it has been a home for Russians, Turkic and Finno-Ugric peoples. It is not uncommon to hear multilingual voices, and Christian, Moslem and Jewish places of worship are in close neighbourhood. Penza is a complex city. Behind an old-fashioned, provincial façade there hides energy and vigor of a modern industrial and scientific centre. Biomedical plants, Cardiovascular Surgery Centre, electronic equipment, machine-building and instrument plants – all these factors create favourable opportunities for the unity of education, research and business in the area.


Preparatory courses:

91200 RUB
per year

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