There are 758 residential buildings in three dormitories. Each residential building with a capacity of 5 people contains: two living rooms of 12.1 square meters and 18.5 square meters respectively, a bathroom of 0.8 square meters, a bathroom of 2.1 square meters, and a corridor of 3.3 square meters. One passenger, with an area of ​​6 m 2.

In each of the hostels, on each floor there is a common kitchen of 18.8 square meters, equipped with electric fireplaces and dining tables.

Water supply, heating and power facilities are fully provided.

Bed linen is provided to all residents which are changed every 10 days.

In every hostel there are outlets where students can buy food and goods with urgent needs. There are cafes in 2 buildings.

Each room in the hostel has access to a local computer network with internet access.

The campus contains:

Sports and gym
Psychological Relief Room
Rooms for parents of students;
Lecture hall.

Cost of accommodation

2500 RUB - 5500 RUB Monthly

Distance from hostel to university

5 minutes walk