The campus buildings are located in areas with developed infrastructure. All buildings are under round-the-clock video surveillance and constant security, access control is set.

In each building of the hostel there are classrooms for independent work. With the help of Wi-Fi, each student has the opportunity to use the resource of the fundamental electronic library of SPbGUPTD, work in his personal account.

In accordance with the Program for the Development of the Property Complex of SPbGUPTD, the premises of the Student City are renovated and modernized every year, new equipment is purchased for common areas, and living rooms are equipped.

In accordance with the Program for expanding services for students and employees of SPbGUPTD within the framework of the Program for the development and use of the property complex, the buildings of the Student City are equipped with coffee and snack machines, payment terminals, and laundries.

Dormitories are 15-storey high-rise buildings, each floor has 4 blocks, 5-6 rooms in a block, 2-3 people live in a room. All blocks have a toilet, a kitchen for two blocks and a shower room on the floor.

Cost of accommodation

1500 RUB - 3000 RUB Monthly

Distance from hostel to university

5 minutes walk