Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, known formally as PhysTech , is a Russian university, originally established in the Soviet Union. It prepares specialists in theoretical and applied physics, applied mathematics and related disciplines. MIPT is known for specifics of the MIPT educational process (see "Phystech System" below). University rankings such as The Times Higher Education Supplement are based primarily on publications and citations. With its emphasis on embedding research in the educational process, MIPT "outsources" education and research beyond the first two or three years of study to institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences. MIPT's own faculty is relatively small and many of its distinguished lecturers are visiting professors from those institutions. Student research is typically performed outside of MIPT and research papers do not identify the authors as MIPT students. This effectively hides MIPT from the academic radar, an effect not unwelcome during the Cold War era when leading scientists and engineers of the Soviet arms and space programs studied there. The word "phystech," , is also used to refer to Phystech students and graduates. The main MIPT campus is located in Dolgoprudny, a northern suburb of Moscow. However the Aeromechanics Department is based in Zhukovsky, a suburb south-east of Moscow.


Preparatory courses:

175000 RUB per year

Accommodation Fee:

1147 RUB - 1300 RUB Monthly

Medical Insurance

6000 RUB - 12000 RUB Yearly

Medical Analysis:

4500 RUB - 6500 RUB Yearly

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