The Silver Necklace of Russia

Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics

Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (abbreviated as MTUCI) is a Russian industry university in the field of information technology, telecommunications, information security and radio engineering.

MTUCI is a member of the European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI), actively participates in European conferences and seminars on higher education issues held by SEFI (Czech Republic, the Netherlands, etc.). The University is a member of the Association for Business Cooperation of the International Departments of Higher Educational Institutions of Central and Eastern Europe (AMO), a member of the Council for Work with Foreign Graduates of Russian Educational Institutions; in many countries there are MTUCI Alumni Associations. Training laboratories of NEC (Japan), Motorola (USA), Cisco Systems (USA), etc. also operate at MTUCI.


Preparatory Courses:

0 RUB per year

Accommodation Fee:

1300 - 2500 RUB Monthly

Medical Insurance

5500 - 7500 RUB Yearly

Medical Analysis:

3500 - 4500 RUB Yearly

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