Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation

In October 1977, the Academy of National Economy under the Council of Ministers of the USSR was established in Moscow. A great contribution to the development of the Academy of National Economy was made by its first rector, N. V. Melnikov, who invited people with a broad outlook to read periodic and single lectures. He took care of the life comforts of students of the educational institution, related to living in hostels, eating in the dining room and visiting a medical center. Melnikov was directly involved in the development of the general plan of the building of the Academy of National Economy: the location of classrooms, laboratories, a large reading room of the library, and a large assembly hall. In Soviet times, the Academy of National Economy under the Council of Ministers of the USSR was called upon to retrain and improve the qualifications of leading personnel to successfully resolve issues related to the socio-economic development of the national economy, as well as conduct research work on the development of theoretical and methodological issues of improving management and pricing , planning, social development, financial and credit relations, economic mechanism, logistics Niya, legal work and organization and stimulation of labor. The Academy of National Economy conducted training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel in the field of economics and management with the highest qualifications. The Academy of National Economy was engaged in scientific and methodological guidance and assistance to the main industry and intersectoral institutions, providing training and advanced training for senior staff, as well as the training of their teaching staff, provided assistance to ministries and departments on the issue of economic training for managers. The Academy of National Economy was engaged in the study, generalization and analysis of best management practices in the USSR and abroad, using economic management methods, as well as leading teaching methods and forms. At this time, the students of the Academy of National Economy were the heads and leading specialists of the central and republican, sectoral and territorial government bodies, as well as the heads of large associations, enterprises and organizations. In addition, the Academy of National Economy provided for the training of foreign leaders and specialists. The term of study ranged from 3 months to 2 years. In 1988, the Higher Commercial School was established as part of the Academy of National Economy, which, being an educational institution, received the right to carry out its activities both on the payback of the state order, and through the payback of costs.


Preparatory courses:


Accommodation Fee:

21000 RUB - 27000 RUB Monthly

Medical Insurance

6000 RUB - 8500 RUB Yearly

Medical Analysis:

4500 RUB - 6500 RUB Yearly

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