Samara Polytech

Samara State Technical University is one of the oldest technical universities in Russia. Over a 105-year history, more than 200 thousand graduates, professional engineers, have come out of the walls of our university. Over the years, they held high government posts, led large industrial corporations, led scientific schools and simply worked conscientiously for the benefit of the development of their cities, regions and countries. Since 2016, after merging with the architectural and construction university, our Polytechnic University has become even larger and more powerful. Today, there is practically no such sphere of human activity in which our graduates would not work. World-renowned scientists work in our university and successfully implement fundamental and applied research projects in collaboration with leading universities and corporations of the world.


Preparatory courses:

172000 RUB per year

Accommodation Fee:

2500 RUB - 3500 RUB Monthly

Medical Insurance

3500 RUB - 7500 RUB Yearly

Medical Analysis:

2500 RUB - 3500 RUB Yearly

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