The initiator of the opening and start of construction of the first Russian Mining School for the training of mining specialists at his own expense is the Bashkir ore-mining specialist Ismail Tasimov, who in 1771 turned to the Berg-Collegium with the initiative to establish the Mining School: “... so that plant managers or supervisors of their works and they were knowledgeable people, because they often had to be asked, and from an intelligent and knowledgeable person who was more willing to listen to instructions than from a stupid ignoramus, then ask to start an officer school, as here are cadet hospitals and academies ... ". Ismayil Tasimov and the members of the “initiative group” promised to pay for each school the ore they put in half a half of the ore they received from it, which served as an important argument in favor of the favorable attitude of Empress Catherine II to this initiative. In a report to the Senate “On the establishment of a mountain school,” the Berg-collegium approved the proposals of the Bashkirs, and recognized “not only useful, but also necessary for the entire Mountain Corps.” October 21 (November 3 in a new style) in 1773, Catherine II approved the Senate decision to create the first higher technical school in Russia, which was called not the Cadet Corps, but the Mountain School, "so that not only noble children could study in this institution." On July 9, 1774, the grand opening of the Mining School took place. His pupils, taken mainly from noblemen and officer children, were preparing for service in the Berg College and in general in the mountainous part.
Saint Petersburg


Preparatory courses:

120000 RUB per year

Accommodation Fee:

1000 RUB - 6500 RUB Monthly

Medical Insurance

10600 RUB - 12000 RUB Yearly

Medical Analysis:

2500 RUB - 4500 RUB Yearly

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